Delivering high-performance apps without the cost & maintenance using IBM Cloudant

Published on 20 Jun 2016

IBM Cloudant has been the one piece of our infrastructure that we have not had to worry about. It has given us real piece of mind to be on IBM Cloudant.

David Wood, CTO, Spacecraft


Computer Services

Deployment country
United States


Founded in 2010, SpaceCraft is a web-based publishing platform based in Austin, Texas. Thousands of small businesses and individuals use the company’s web-based software and live support to design, manage and promote websites that work across computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

Business need
As its client base grew, SpaceCraft found that it was spending an increasing amount of time managing its databases, distracting its focus from product innovation.

In order to free up its engineering team’s time from database management, SpaceCraft chose to adopt IBM Cloudant Dedicated Cluster—a fully managed NoSQL database-as-a-service platform built for the cloud.

With IBM® Cloudant® as its data layer, SpaceCraft gains time to focus on innovation, benefits from high availability and consistent performance, and can offer near limitless customization options.


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Cloudant Dedicated Cluster

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