Synchrony Systems develops a mobile solution for BART in days vs. months with IBM Bluemix and DevOps

Launching new mobile features in 45 seconds versus 3 months

Published on 24 Nov 2014

One of the glaring results that we've seen here once we started using Bluemix and building these applications, is that instead of the typical six-months effort that an organization would take to build an application like that, it took us 15 days, from concept to a running system. And that has potential going forward, of a cost savings for BART of possibly on the area of 80 to 90%. They no longer have to be afraid of six-month, to one year, to two year project engagements. They can see that systems like that can go to production from about 15, to 20, to 30 days. And that's a huge benefit.

Slavik Zorin, chief executive officer, Synchrony Systems

Synchrony Systems

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Synchrony Systems


Synchrony Systems, an IBM Business Partner, uses the IBM Bluemix platform and DevOps methods to rapidly develop and deliver a new mobile solution for Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART).

Business need
To support around-the-clock train operations, Ravi Misra, CIO of BART, needed the organization’s maintenance reliability system to be mobile, and he didn’t have months to wait for its development and deployment.

IBM Business Partner Synchrony Systems leveraged DevOps and Cloud Integration services within the collaborative, cloud-based IBM® Bluemix™ platform to speed provisioning, development and publishing of a pilot maintenance application. Learn more about Bluemix:

Synchrony Systems helped reduce provisioning and development time by over 90 percent, enabling a pilot mobile app to be delivered in just 15 days, and reduced the time needed to take new features live from 3 months to 45 seconds.


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