Brockwell Technologies, Inc.

Brockwell Technologies, Inc. is using predictive modeling to ensure it is developing error-free, higher-quality weapons systems

Published on 31 Jan 2011

Because weapon systems are so interconnected, we often face the challenge of how to change one system without affecting the integrity of another. With our new modeling tool, we can prototype systems to see how they function and whether they impact others, before going on to production.

Tim Brockwell, Founder, Brockwell Technologies, Inc.

Brockwell Technologies, Inc.

Aerospace & Defense, Computer Services

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United States


Incorporated in December 1998, Brockwell Technologies Inc. provides information technology, systems engineering and automated logistics systems management solutions to the United States Department of Defense and other commercial customers. The company engages in a variety of software development activities, including creating real-time embedded weapon systems applications and performing embedded diagnostics for military vehicles.

Business need
Because of its work in the demanding weapons systems development arena, Brockwell Technologies, Inc. needed to better visualize applications and systems to identify and fix design flaws early.

Connecting all stages in the development cycle—from system requirements to computer codes, to testing and risk management—is creating more robust models that help the company visualize how well a weapon system will function. Through predictive modeling and simulations, engineers are identifying design flaws early on and continuously throughout the development process before the products are mass-produced. As a result, they are improving safety and reducing the time it takes to get new products to military clients.

Enhanced the company’s efficiency by allowing it to address problems early; Decreased time-to-market of new products by 40 percent; Improved reliability and safety of weapons systems through early simulation of designs ; Allowed simulation early in the development cycle to help ensure the reliability and safety of the weapons systems


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