Hamilton County Department of Education

Helping teachers and counselors focus on at-risk students increases graduation rates

Published on 24 Jul 2013

Infusing our educational practices and policies with real insights … has enabled an improvement in our ability to promote what’s best for students….

Dr. Kirk Kelly, director of accountability and testing

Hamilton County Department of Education


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The Hamilton County Department of Education oversees nine K–12 school districts comprising 76 schools in and around Chattanooga, Tennessee. The department’s 6,500 employees serve some 40,000 students, with 21 middle schools serving approximately 9,500 students in grades six through eight and 16 secondary schools encompassing nearly 12,000 students.

Business need
To increase its high school graduation rate, Hamilton County sought to intervene with at-risk students early enough to prevent them from dropping out.

Hamilton County’s education department deployed an analytics and reporting solution that joins all student data into a single repository.

Hamilton County’s graduation rates have increased by 10 percentage points, largely because teachers and administrators can now identify at-risk students and constructively intervene with personalized assistance.


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