Diagnostic Grifols sees significant results in time to market after implementing an Agile solution

Published on 29 Nov 2010

Improved collaboration accelerates our development time.

Diagnostic Grifols

Diagnostic Grifols


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Diagnostic Grifols, a leading medical device provider, implementing an Agile solution to enhance collaboration throughout its product development cycle, sees significant results in time to market and regulation compliance.

Business need
The international scale of this company’s business calls for strict compliance of the software it uses to manage and control the development of its products. And the complexity of its development cycle requires software that can enhance teams’ collaboration to deliver products faster.

The solution connects all stages of the development cycle, allowing different developers working on the same project to build and share all regulated product data in a controlled environment. Through enhanced collaboration, teams have flexibility to adapt to changes in regulations and take action on potential conflict. By better anticipating schedules, teams keep investment and profitability on track. Automation of operations documentation allows the company to better support compliance audits.

• Time to market decreased by 20 percent • Error rates significantly reduced


IBM products and services that were used in this case study.

Rational Change, Rational DOORS, Rational Synergy

Continuous Engineering, IBM Analytics, Agile Software Development, IBM Analytics - Internet of Things

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