Reducing development time while enhancing customer experiences with IBM Cloudant

Published on 21 Mar 2016

The big thing with IBM Cloudant for us has been development time. It really cuts down on our developers having to think about like SQL behind the scenes while they are writing their objects and writing all their business logic.

Mark Beeson, Manager of Web Services


Consumer Products

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A three-billion-dollar global leader in the high performance and lifestyle footwear industry, Skechers USA, Inc. designs, develops and markets more than 3,000 styles for men, women and children. Skechers' success stems from its employees, high-quality, varied product offering, diversified domestic and international distribution channels, and targeted multi-channel marketing.

Business need
Skechers was focused on a large project tied to its omnichannel strategy. It needed a solution to address its biggest challenge of getting all of its stores to have a real-time interface back to its corporate offices. The solution had to provide its development team with time savings, as well as, ease in altering code and rapid deployment.

A collection of web services, built on top of IBM Cloudant, that Skechers call the retail web core, is allowing the company to have a much better view of its customers. Skechers uses IBM Cloudant to store random data sets coming from its various different sources.

With IBM Cloudant, Skechers has reduced development time, reducing the need for developer to have to think about SQL behind the scenes while they are writing their objects and writing all their business logic.


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