Harnessing cognitive analytics to watch and automatically classify video content

Published on 20 Dec 2016

Working with IBM cognitive analytics and cloud data services gives us the power to transform the way today’s industries work.

Andy Lin, Co-Founder, BlueChasm


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BlueChasm is a digital development organization focused on building and running open digital and cognitive platforms for enterprises and service providers across various industries, primarily on the IBM Cloud. Based in Austin, TX, BlueChasm is an IBM Watson Ecosystem partner that incubates and launches platforms like VideoRecon (, a video analytics platform that employs deep learning to analyze and tag videos based on visual and audio content. BlueChasm’s other concepts and platforms include IoT, mobile, cognitive computing, and industry-focused use cases.

Business need
In an interconnected world, organizations increasingly use Internet of Things sensors to keep track of data in real time. But what if you need to monitor something that you can’t put a sensor on?

BlueChasm uses cognitive and cloud data services to analyze video data streams and recognize specific objects, themes, or events – converting a simple video camera into an intelligent analytics tool.

BlueChasm’s solutions are unlocking new opportunities to monitor things that were previously unmonitorable – eliminating the need for human inspections and saving hours of tedious manual video review.


IBM products and services that were used in this case study.

Cloudant Dedicated Cluster, IBM Bluemix, IBM Cloud Object Storage System, IBM Watson Visual Recognition, IBM dashDB

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