Managing and sharing scientific data maximizes the value of research investments

Published on 1 Apr 2016

With Cloudant, we don’t have to use valuable resources for managing databases, so we can focus on creating a better model for our customers’ data.

Barry Wark, Founder and CEO, Ovation


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Ovation offers software created by scientists, for scientists. The company’s eponymous cloud-based solution makes it easy to store, organize, manage and share experimental research data. By breaking down barriers to scientific collaboration, Ovation maximizes the value of data otherwise trapped on individual researcher desktops or within organizational silos.

Business need
Funding pressures and explosive data growth are compelling scientists to collaborate. How can they manage and share valuable research data that is trapped on local systems or in organizational silos?

Using IBM® Cloudant™ Dedicated Cluster as its data layer, Ovation provides an intuitive cloud-based solution that helps bench scientists to manage, enrich and share experimental data.

Powerful search and synchronization enables easy offline access and collaboration; maximizes value of research data through sharing; and removes time and effort required for database management.


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Cloudant Dedicated Cluster

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