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Providing customers with personalized offers through any channel

Published on 21 Dec 2010

If you can provide the best product for each customer’s needs, the customer will be satisfied and will reinforce loyalty with the bank, leading to more profitability.

Vladimir Milojkovic, Prime Contracting Project Manager, BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas


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BNP Paribas automatically adjusts product offers and fees based on customers’ profiles and delivers customized services on demand when it implements a master data management initiative based on IBM Software

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Knowing your customer and having the ability to customize product offers based on each customer’s needs

For BNP Paribas, a European leader in global banking and financial services, personalization is key to winning customer loyalty and increasing profits. To this end, the bank is rolling out a new master data management initiative that will give it unprecedented flexibility and speed to accommodate to changing market conditions and customize offers for each client.

* Enabled bank to personalize offers through any channel—Internet, mobile phone, branch and more—based on each customer’s profile * Reduced time to market for new products from weeks to days * Improved competitiveness with the ability to flexibly and rapidly evolve offers based on market conditions, competitive actions and new regulatory requirements


IBM products and services that were used in this case study.

InfoSphere Master Data Management Server for Product Information Management, WebSphere ILOG JRules

IBM Analytics, Business Process Management (BPM), Information Integration, Smarter Planet, Transformational Account

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