Transforming the senior care industry with greater insights from data

Published on 30 Nov 2016

With IBM Cloudant within IBM Watson Data Platform, we were able to quickly iterate on different data models we work with, saving us extra engineering time while increasing our speed-to-market.

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CareGivers allows you to choose the best care provider for your family, easily monitor their work, and seamlessly pay them without ever opening your checkbook. The platform is fast becoming families’ one-stop-shop for planning their loved ones’ care.

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With in-home care for loved ones, there are massive amounts of overhead in today’s agency model. Coupled with miscommunication, wage issues, and service quality, a new model of senior care is needed. needed a powerful solution that could store large volumes of unstructured review data and seamlessly scale up to support other senior citizen services as its business took off.

Taking advantage of IBM® Cloudant® database-as-a-service, within IBM Watson Data platform, the company gained a robust, highly scalable platform to store unstructured data and lay a solid foundation for future service offerings.

IBM® Cloudant® within IBM Watson Data platform allowed to get to market quicker, eliminating database maintenance, cutting costs, and keeping the focus on innovation. In the end, is positioned to build upon its passion to help elderly residents that need extra care in their home.


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