Building innovative employee digital experience on the classic strengths of the mainframe

Published on 15 Jul 2013

Given the size and rapid growth of our social business environment, and given the frequent need to introduce new functionality, the mainframe is the perfect platform.

Deak Shearer, Certified Architect, On-Demand Workplace, IBM


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In today’s knowledge economy, the exchange and enrichment of ideas through social business is a major generator of new value. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, enterprises that can mobilize and develop their internal information assets will maximize their ability to innovate ahead of the competition.

Business need
With more than 400,000 employees generating vast amounts of information, IBM’s competitive edge in the knowledge economy depends on its ability to capture, share and generate value from all of this information. For IBM and other enterprises, these abilities will be a necessity for long-term success.

IBM created an employee-facing digital experience using IBM Connections and IBM® WebSphere® Portal software, running on Linux for System z virtual machines across four partitions on two IBM zEnterprise® 196 servers. This integrated software environment enables employees to build communities around common interests and topics, share and find information, and locate the right internal resources to tackle any challenge.

Robust and flexible IBM mainframe enables rapid and non-disruptive deployment of new social tools and functionality. Personalizes information and facilitates sharing and searching, helping global employees focus on the most important items. Using the mainframe for social business saves an estimated 60 to 75 percent on the cost of a distributed solution.


IBM products and services that were used in this case study.

DB2 for Linux, IBM Connections, WebSphere Portal, z/OS, z/VM

z Systems: zEnterprise 196 (z196)

High Availability, System z Software, Transforming Business, Virtualization, Exceptional Digital Experience

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