Landmark revolutionizes petroleum frontier exploration by integrating disparate data sources

Published on 17 Oct 2008

IBM’s proven experience in the chemicals and petroleum industry was extremely important to us. They have demonstrated a commitment to tackling tough problems, and they back up that commitment with research and development resources.

Chris Usher, senior director of technology, Landmark


Chemicals & Petroleum

Deployment country
United States


Landmark, a product service line of Halliburton Energy Services, creates technology solutions that help its customers make better decisions about exploration, reservoir management, drilling and production.

Business need
To respond to its customers’ increasing demand for better decisions about frontier exploration, Landmark needed to develop workflows that would help researchers determine the size and quality of potential oil and gas fields.

Landmark collaborated with IBM chemicals and petroleum experts and IBM Research staff on a first-of-its-kind project that would integrate silos of basin modeling data, seismic data and—for the first time—rock physics in a comprehensive, integrated view.

Development of technology and workflows that Landmark customers can use to improve exploration decisions; enhanced understanding of frontier exploration challenges; reduced economic and strategic risks of frontier exploration; higher recovery rates and greater profitability from drilled basins


IBM products and services that were used in this case study.

Enabling Business Flexibility, Energy Efficiency, IBM Research, Smarter Planet, Transforming Business

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