Security First Insurance deepens connection with policyholders

IBM Content Analytics software builds bridge between social media posts and the claim process

Published on 14 Feb 2013

When customers contact us through their iPhones, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or email, they receive the same timely attention as when they call the company or go to our web portal.

Werner Kruck, chief operating officer, Security First Insurance

Security First Insurance


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Security First Insurance had mastered customer service through its call center and web portal but needed help with email and social media. Using IBM Enterprise Content Management software, the insurer enhances service to policyholders no matter which channels they use to get in touch.

Business need
Security First wanted to be available to its customers no matter how they chose to get in touch. It also needed to integrate its social media responses into the claims process to comply with regulations

IBM Business Partner Integritie configured a solution called Social Media Capture using IBM Content Analytics, IBM Content Collector for Email and IBM FileNet® Content Manager software.

Now Security First Insurance can quickly identify urgent requests and send them to the responsible employees for more rapid, efficient and personalized service.


IBM products and services that were used in this case study.

Content Analytics with Enterprise Search, Content Collector for Email, FileNet Content Manager

IBM Analytics, Enterprise Content Management, , Smarter Planet

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