Improving scalability and performance, while eliminating database maintenance tasks

Published on 11 Apr 2016

Choosing IBM Cloudant was a genuine win-win, because it gives us a massive performance improvement and enables complete focus on our core work.

Jonathan Jackson, CEO and Co-Founder, Dimagi


Life Sciences

Deployment country
United States


Dimagi is a privately held, for-profit, social enterprise that develops software to improve service delivery in underserved communities. Dimagi works with hundreds of diverse partners, including governmental ministries and international healthcare organizations, to build mobile applications that help bring healthcare services to developing countries and low-resource areas.

Business need
To execute its core mission of bringing healthcare services to developing countries and underserved communities, Dimagi needed a data layer that would scale more easily to support its business growth.

Dimagi selected IBM® Cloudant® Dedicated Cluster as its new data layer, gaining a robust, high-performance, database-as-a-service solution, operating on an elastic and scalable global cloud.

Delivers scalability to support a growing global user-base; eliminates database admin, enabling greater focus on core development; enables care teams to access clinical data faster in the field.


IBM products and services that were used in this case study.

Cloudant Dedicated Cluster

Cloud Computing, Data Warehouse, IBM Analytics, Enabling Business Flexibility, Software as a Service, Mobile

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