Living Roads

IoT paves the way to cost-effective fleet management, safer roads, and reduced traffic congestion

Published on 1 Oct 2015

For the first time city officials have a clear understanding of where potholes and speedbumps are.

Dr. Aisha Walcott Bryant, Researcher

Living Roads


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IBM Research – Africa is IBM’s 12th research lab and the first industrial research center in Africa. With facilities in Kenya and South Africa, it is developing commercially-viable solutions to transform lives and spark new business opportunities in areas such as transportation, water and energy.

Business need
Nairobi is one of the world’s fastest-growing cities. How could it find a way to manage a fleet of vehicles, assess traffic and maintain roads without implementing costly monitoring technology?

IBM scientists mounted adapted smartphones in Nairobi’s fleet of garbage trucks and leveraged built-in sensors such as accelerometers and GPS to collect data about the fleet and the city’s streets.

The Internet of Things solution helps the city manage its fleet and identify bottlenecks in waste management processes, while providing insight into road hazards, driver behavior and traffic flows.


IBM products and services that were used in this case study.

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