Swiss retailer Migros spots consumer trends in real time with SAP HANA

Published on 21 Mar 2013

With SAP HANA on the IBM Systems solution, we can now process more complex and comprehensive requests within seconds, providing a range of new insights that were simply not available without in-memory processing.

Alexander Weiss, Team Leader, Processes and Business Warehouse, Migros Genossenschaftsbund



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Based in Spreitenbach, near Zürich, Switzerland, Globus employs approximately 3,300 people, operates more than 37 retail stores, and achieves an annual turnover of around CHF 710 million (more than €580 million). The retailer is part of the much larger Federation of Migros Cooperatives, which has some 86,000 employees and total sales of more than CHF 24 billion.

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Globus, the premier department store subsidiary of Migros Group, sells in the highly competitive consumer marketplace. Only if it can spot trends early can Globus thrive in the fickle world of fashion. These markets are very fast-moving, and consumers always compare prices and look for the best offers available. To increase sales and stay ahead of the competition, which increasingly comes from online retailers, Globus must adapt its pricing and offers quickly to changes in the market.

The group’s central IT service unit, Migros IT Services (MITS), implemented SAP HANA on IBM Systems solutions to boost the performance of its existing SAP NetWeaver® Business Warehouse component, which manages the company’s sales data. The increased performance provides managers with real-time access to sales data for 800,000 products.

Globus has gained valuable insight into sales patterns for 800,000 products across various time frames, shops and regions. Database volume was reduced from some 550 GB to about 130 GB, a reduction of 75 percent. Globus can identify slow-selling products 98 percent faster. Sales promotions reports that took more than seven minutes to produce can now be generated in one minute, an increase of more than 85 percent. Standard sales article reports for top-selling ranges that formerly took four minutes and 30 seconds can be generated in just 8 seconds, an improvement of 97 percent.


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