Transforming the senior care industry with an agile architecture and flexible cloud-based data layer

Published on 12 Apr 2016

With Cloudant, we are launching a wealth of services to bring the senior care industry up to speed.

Justin Saul, Senior Director of Technology,



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Within just three years of its creation, has grown to become the largest senior care review website in the United States and Canada. The platform is fast becoming families’ one-stop-shop for planning their loved ones’ care in their golden years.

Business need aims to revolutionize senior care by providing unbiased reviews of residential communities and smart services designed to improve quality of life for seniors and their families.

Taking advantage of IBM® Cloudant® database-as-a-service, the company gained a robust, highly scalable platform to store unstructured reviews and lay a solid foundation for future service offerings.

Cloudant helps a small team manage a vast repository of reviews and rapidly launch new revenue-generating services. Eliminating database maintenance cuts costs and keeps the focus on innovation.


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