Defra applies analytics to develop green strategy

Published on 11 Jan 2011

“Thanks to the analysis we’ve completed with IBM, our Green ICT Transformation programme has clear direction. That’s really valuable, we know what will work best for Defra and can focus on that with confidence, knowing we’ll deliver the savings we seek.”

John Yard, CIO at Defra

Department for environment, food and rural affairs


Deployment country
United Kingdom


As the UK government department responsible for securing a healthy environment in which current and future generations can prosper, Defra (the Department for environment, food and rural affairs) has a leadership role in promoting sustainability across UK government and the drive to a low carbon economy.

Business need
An enthusiastic leader for sustainability in UK government, Defra fully embraces the move to a low carbon economy but, as a public service, it has to provide value for money.

Only by analysing in depth the carbon and financial impacts of various initiatives could Defra ensure a cost-effective Green ICT Transformation programme. Building on an award-winning methodology developed with Defra, IBM assessed the current carbon emissions baseline data for Defra’s ICT and identified the carbon and cost impacts of existing and proposed initiatives.

Clear insight and direction for the Green ICT Transformation programme; identification of additional quick win carbon reductions; focus on value for money; creation of a sustainability-focussed governance model for all projects; leadership role in assessing how ICT can contribute to the UK’s low-carbon economy.

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