Innovative health information exchange brings world-class healthcare to rural Louisiana

Federated data model enables fast deployment, lowers costs and supports advanced telemedicine

Published on 1 Nov 2010

Ultimately, we have a healthier population across a region that long suffered from lack of quality care and limited resources. Without this healthcare portal, that would not be possible.

Jamie Welch, CIO, Louisiana Rural Health Information Exchange


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Deploying a decentralized Web healthcare portal that enables 24 rural hospitals and a major urban medical center to share records and improve patient care through telemedicine.

Business need
After Hurricane Katrina shut down New Orleans' healthcare facilities, Louisiana State Health Sciences Center in Shreveport took on the sole responsibility of caring for the state's 1.5 million rural, uninsured, poverty-line patients by teaming with 24 rural hospitals in central and northern Louisiana. They sought to leverage the Center's specialist expertise to these remote hospitals through telemedicine

LARHIX chose Fusionfx Portal from IBM Business Partner Carefx for real time data sharing between hospitals to deliver a single, unified view of a patient’s medical record. The solution runs on IBM WebSphere Portal and uses a federated data sharing model that aggregates a patient’s comprehensive medical record from different hospital systems without moving any data from native applications – thus avoiding prohibitively complicated and costly patient privacy requirements.

Improved quality and continuity of patient care • Reduced duplicate testing by 93 percent• Slashed time to specialist consultations from weeks and months to just days• Shorter hospital stays and fewer admissions save millions of dollars• No investment in new systems required, enabling fast roll out and low deployment cost.


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