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Published on 13 Apr 2016

The Cloudant team were extremely friendly, highly professional and very solutions-minded.

Joe Bondi, CTO and Co-founder, RunKeeper


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Founded in 2008, RunKeeper offers fitness applications for iOS and Android devices, enabling users to log wellness and performance data related to outdoor activities. Its apps are used by 30 million people, and integrate with more than 100 third-party devices and services. Privately owned, the company is based in Boston, MA.

Business need
Fitness startup RunKeeper’s existing database was unable to scale easily to support the company’s expansion. As new users joined, this limitation threatened to bring growth to a wheezing halt.

RunKeeper chose IBM® Cloudant® Dedicated Cluster as its new data layer, gaining a database-as-a-service solution running on an elastic and highly scalable global cloud.

Offers a concise, always-on app experience to a growing user base. Eliminates database administration, freeing up staff to focus on user experience. Offers fast and practically unlimited scalability.


IBM products and services that were used in this case study.

Cloudant Dedicated Cluster

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