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Smarter Planet Leadership Series Video: Grid intelligence triggers a new era of transformation across Ireland

Published on 19 Dec 2013

One of the key reasons why we've made such progress is that we've successfully aligned the government, our minister for energy, our regulator, our academia all to one vision. And when everyone's going in one direction, that allows you to make progress very quickly.

Jerry O’Sullivan, Managing Director, ESB Networks

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As Managing Director of ESB Networks, Jerry O’Sullivan is equally comfortable sharing his vision for sustainability with cabinet ministers and front-line workers. That’s ultimately what he had to do to get the broad buy-in ESB needed to realize its vision.

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When the Irish government set the goal of generating 40 percent of energy from renewable sources, ESB – Ireland's national electricity provider – came up with a plan that combines the use of smart meters, advanced energy storage options and nighttime electric vehicle charging to mitigate the peaks and valleys of electricity demand. And with remote sensing, intelligence and automation incorporated into the management of its grid, ESB is taking proactive steps to prevent or rapidly resolve network outages, earning the highest customer satisfaction in Europe.

Leadership is…Getting the message out With so many stakeholder groups affected by – and affecting – the outcome of the project, it was crucial for ESB to articulate a value proposition that was both compelling and simple enough for all groups to digest. “It's not just regulators and the government you have to care about. If you can’t explain the [smart grid] vision to a guy on the street, your message is in trouble.” – Jerry O’Sullivan, Managing Director, ESB Networks

The benefits of ESB’s Smart Grid solution: · Reduced average electricity peak consumption by nearly 9 percent among households using smart meters · Expected to reduce service-level penalties by 100% through improved network reliability and faster recovery · Increased customer satisfaction levels by 15 percent


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