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Published on 13 Apr 2016

Cloudant was an important part of our success. It enabled us to develop an innovative service and was free to use during the early growth of our business.

Mahmoud Hafez, Founder, AppAdvice


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Based in Los Angeles, AppAdvice provides a comprehensive range of iPhone and iPad application reviews, news, and app discovery services to help online and mobile visitors discover interesting and new iOS apps. AppAdvice filters through the 1 million+ apps in the App Store to help novice and experienced smart device owners find relevant new apps and reviews by personalizing content based on hobbies, industry verticals, and other personalized themes.

Business need
AppAdvice needed to store variably structured data in its application catalog in a way that was easy and inexpensive to get started with, but built to handle potentially massive future growth.

AppAdvice chose IBM Cloudant managed database-as-a-service, taking advantage of its schemaless JSON storage, scale-out architecture, fault tolerance, flexibility and low-cost start-up options.

Cloudant’s scalability supports AppAdvice’s continuing growth and enables developers to stay focused on improving user experience—not administering databases.


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Cloudant Dedicated Cluster

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