Best Buy - Smarter Planet Video

Smart is: Leveraging customer insight to generate new opportunities and business growth.

Published on 31 Aug 2011



Deployment country
United States


John Thompson, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Best talks about his IBM Smarter Planet and Business Analytics solution.

Business need
Need to be able to synchronize the view of the customer in real time and link it back to the touch points in call centers and personalize their attention, offers and services to the customer. Need to understand the specifics in local markets and analyze it.

Best Buy utilized IBM resources in order to accelerate their efforts to be smarter about what the dominant value proportions are for the consumer and creating an operating model within their environment that takes advantage of this intelligent data in a way that allows them to serve customers in a differentiated fashion.

Better able to address customer needs, and tailor insights into usable data so as to personalize communication with the customer.


IBM products and services that were used in this case study.

Big Data & Analytics, Smarter Planet

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