Keeping sales teams connected to CRM data, online and offline, with a powerful mobile app

Published on 12 Jul 2016

Our mission is to help clients get the most out of their IT solutions, and IBM Cloudant is absolutely helping us deliver on that.

Julien Delouvée, Associate Director, eFrontech


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Established in 2000, eFrontech is a computer services company that specializes in client experience, customer relationship management (CRM) and business intelligence solutions. eFrontech provides a wide range of solutions and services in support of CRM offerings from Oracle and Salesforce.

Business need
Mobile CRM solutions are becoming a must-have for sales reps, but most require a network connection to work best. eFrontech wanted to give mobile users a seamless experience—both online and offline.

eFrontech built Aero--an innovative app that puts CRM information and functionality in mobile users' hands, harnessing the power of IBM Cloudant® to synchronize data with back-end systems in real time.

Quick and easy access to data, and no need for manual synchronization work, helps sellers work more productively. Unique offline-first approach serves as a key competitive differentiator for eFrontech.


IBM products and services that were used in this case study.

Cloudant Dedicated Cluster

Cloud Computing, Customer Relationship Management, Data Warehouse, Enabling Business Flexibility, Hybrid Cloud, IBM Analytics, Platform as a Service, Mobile

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