St. Thomas University

SoftLayer platform drives innovative research projects and boosts enrollment by 30 percent

Published on 10 Jan 2014

The bottom line in this project is the quality of education we’re giving to our students. You’d be amazed at what they can do and how enthused they are.

Dr. Wim Steelant, dean of science, St. Thomas University

St. Thomas University


Deployment country
United States

Flagship Solutions Group, Inc.


Located in Miami Gardens, Florida, St. Thomas University (STU) is a private Catholic university renowned for leadership development in justice, science, business and ministry. With approximately 5,000 students, the university offers a diverse learning environment and a wide variety of extracurricular, spiritual and community-oriented programs.

Business need
St. Thomas University (STU) sought cutting-edge cloud computing capabilities to expand its science and technology offerings and provide undergraduates with unique research opportunities.

IBM and IBM Business Partner Flagship Solutions Group, Inc. delivered a SoftLayer infrastructure solution that supports innovative research initiatives across the university.

With the SoftLayer technology, STU boosted enrollment in the physical sciences by 30 percent and increased retention across science disciplines by 30 percent.


IBM products and services that were used in this case study.

IBM Global Services, SoftLayer

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