Nationwide embraces DevOps and improves software quality by 50 percent

IBM helps transform application delivery across culture, processes and tools

Published on 3 Oct 2013

This [solution] allows us to be more agile as a business and more responsive to our customers. This has led to improved quality by 50 percent and reduced system downtime by 70 percent over the last three years.

Steve Farley, vice president, application development center, Nationwide

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company


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Over the past 80 years, Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. has grown from a small mutual auto insurer owned by policyholders into one of the world’s largest insurance and financial services companies, with more than USD135 billion in statutory assets.

Business need
Nationwide needed to better respond to changing market requirements and regulations, increase speed to market for new products and services, and support new channels of customer interaction.

Nationwide engaged IBM to support its agile transformation and help enable an DevOps approach to application development and delivery across its distributed and mainframe environments.

Nationwide improved code quality by 50 percent over a 3-year period, reduced user downtime by 70 percent and moved 58 percent of its teams to the top quartile in key productivity measures.


IBM products and services that were used in this case study.

Rational Application Developer, Rational Asset Analyzer, Rational DOORS Next Generation, Rational Development and Test Environment for System z, Rational Team Concert

Software Services for Rational

Agile Software Development, Application Design-Build-Manage, , Enterprise Modernization, System z Software, Product & Systems Development, IBM Analytics - Internet of Things, Continuous Engineering

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