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Toys transform the way children play and learn through engaging interactions and conversations

Published on 27 Aug 2015

Recognizing a clear gap in truly smart educational toys, we set out on a journey to redefine the way kids play with their favorite toys, changing the way that children learn by changing the way they play.

JP Benini, cofounder

Elemental Path


Deployment country
United States


The toy development division of a digital agency based in New York City, Elemental Path conceived and created Dino, the first in a series of interactive, intelligent toys branded under the CogniToys rubric. Elemental Path earned one of three IBM® Watson™ Mobile Developer Challenge awards in 2014.

Business need
Elemental Path wanted to create an intelligent toy that could interact with children aged 5 – 9 in real time. The magical, conversational companion would engage with and learn from children to create a continually evolving, personalized play experience.

The company developed Dino, a friendly faced chubby dinosaur, first in a series of characters to be marketed under the CogniToys brand. The Wi-Fi-enabled, cloud-connected toy converses with its owner, developing more personalized character as the child grows. The toy is powered by cognitive computing and natural language processing technology. The Dino toy interacts with children in an age-appropriate way, answering questions and carrying on complete conversations.

The new Dino toy engages in real conversation, using speech recognition so that the toy interacts in sustained conversations powered by intelligent, age-appropriate content. The toy requires no more than one second to recognize, understand and return information derived through interactions with users. As children interact with the toy, it adapts and personalizes its responses by remembering individual attributes and historical interactions with the child. And with its interconnected system, the toy provides real-time insights into the skills and interests of the child through a cloud-based, parent-focused dashboard.


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