Achmea transforms financial reporting with SAP and IBM

Published on 3-Nov-2010

IBM Global Business Services did a tremendous job creating and completing the change management program, supplying the people and skills necessary to explain what was happening, train the users and complete a successful technical implementation.

René Collé, Director of Financial Services, Achmea



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Achmea is the largest insurance company in The Netherlands, with 22,000 employees serving 4.7 million customers, generating a turnover of 14 billion Euros.

Business need
Dutch insurance giant Achmea has grown rapidly through acquisition, and has inherited a variety of specialist financial services and general business management systems. Producing accurate accounting information involved complex and laborious data extraction from multiple systems, a slow process which delayed group-wide reporting.

Achmea chose to standardize the entire group’s activities on SAP Business Suite applications, embedding best practices, integrated workflows and advanced analysis tools within the company. The first step was to deploy the SAP General Ledger and SAP Business Consolidation components to connect and integrate all Achmea divisions and other operating companies, with plans to introduce additional components later.

The elimination of manual data collection processes has reduced the full-time equivalent staffing levels by 30 percent within certain financial teams; month-end group financial reporting is based on accurate and reliable data, and can be completed within 14 days, an eight-day improvement. Timely and high-quality data allows executives to identify inefficiencies, highlight profitable opportunities and meet regulatory obligations with auditable statements of Achmea’s financial position.


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