Achieving rapid high-volume billing with SAP and IBM

Published on 7-Mar-2008

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The emergence of incremental charging – for services as diverse as music downloads and road billing – has led to an explosion in billing transaction volumes. Transactions generated from multiple sources (such as phones, the Internet, traffic cameras, shops and public transport pass cards) can create a complex payment scenario composed of numerous steps.

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Industries such as road and congestion charging, public transport, postal services, telecommunications and Internet shopping all face similar mass billing challenges, with enormous numbers of service events to process. Handling these mass volumes requires the creation of a highly scalable billing engine. This is a significant IT challenge – and IBM and SAP can provide the solution.

The SAP Event Detail Billing engine is able to store, handle and process the millions of records received by the back office on a daily basis. An IBM and SAP proof of concept for the solution, running on IBM Power Systems hardware with PowerVM virtualization and DB2 database technologies, has demonstrated that the engine is able to process enormous volumes of transactions rapidly and reliably.

For businesses facing the challenge of running a complex, high-volume billing environment, the implication of this proof of concept is clear: IBM and SAP can provide a rapid, robust and highly economical solution that makes the most of hardware resources by leveraging IBM virtualization technologies and the highly optimized DB2 database platform. Using this infrastructure, the Event Detail Billing engine can run a same-day billing system even with relatively modest IT resources.


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