Global energy leader streamlines business applications and IT infrastructure with SAP and IBM

Published on 18-Jul-2011

Global energy leader

Energy & Utilities

Deployment country
United Kingdom

EWB Consulting Ltd.


The customer is a very large enterprise engaged in the exploration, development, production, transmission, distribution and supply of natural gas and oil. It also has a number of interests in power generation. The Group’s worldwide operations are organized on a regional basis. In 2009 the company employed more than 6,000 people, and sales reached more than £10 billion.

Business need
Customer objectives included: Encompass all core business processes within the SAP business applications environment; consolidate more than 75 x86 servers within a highly complex IT infrastructure; transform dedicated hardware into virtual machines in order to develop system flexibility and meet strategic goals for growth within the next five years; reduce expenditure on hardware maintenance and administration; eliminate risk and dependency on a single data center by implementing high availability and disaster recovery solutions; optimize the IT footprint in terms of space and energy.

Running on extremely short turnaround times, IBM UK Systems and Technology Group and Technical Solution Sales teams analyzed the existing infrastructure then provided a detailed assessment of SAP application behavior and a solid baseline for sizing and virtualizing the SAP server landscape by using the IBM Insight Tool. Chose the IBM POWER platform to meet consolidation targets and apply latest PowerVM and AIX virtualization technologies. IBM Global Technology Services performed the landscape deployment, covering hardware and system software installation and configuration.

The number of physical servers was reduced by 95 percent, from 80 servers to four. Average server utilization improved by up to 60 percent. The customer is able to deliver SAP application services at a lower cost to its lines of business while reducing its total costs of ownership. The customer can respond much faster to changing loads and SAP instance requirements, for example: tTemporary SAP test environments can be deployed in minutes compared to days or even weeks and load peaks can be handled by load balancing within virtualized IBM Power servers in a non-disruptive manner.


IBM products and services that were used in this case study.

AIX, PowerHA, PowerVM

Power 570, Power Systems, Power Systems running AIX 6

GTS ITS Server: Server Optimization & Integration Services, GTS IS Systems Services: Server Product Services for Power Systems, IBM-SAP Alliance

Business Resiliency, Energy Efficiency, High Availability, Virtualization, Virtualization - Server, Workload Management

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