Pneuhage improves control and visibility of stock levels

Real-time insights help increase sales

Published on 4-Jan-2013

We wanted to migrate our SAP databases to IBM DB2 to reduce database sizes and improve the performance of our systems with the integrated compression features. The close collaboration between IBM and SAP was a significant asset in performing the migration quickly and without any technical problems.

Jürgen Hiegle, Head of System Administration, Pneuhage

Pneuhage Group


Deployment country



Pneuhage Group is a tire services company, headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany. The company operates two production plants, three logistics centers and 88 shops across Germany. Pneuhage also operates four shops and one warehouse in Poland, and a sales office in France. Employing approximately 1,250 people, the company generates annual sales revenues of more than €400 million.

Business need
Pneuhage Group wanted to gain real-time insights into sales and inventory data to optimize product availability. Having accurate figures would improve decision making and enable faster reactions to changing market conditions.

Working with IBM, Pneuhage implemented an integrated SAP Business All-in-One solution on IBM® BladeCenter® Power® blades with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and IBM PowerVM® virtualization technology.

Provides real-time inventory visibility and performance figures. Avoided additional costs of 25 percent by selecting IBM Power Systems™. Reduced database size by 70 percent and cut batch runtimes from hours to minutes. Improved application response times by up to 90 percent and database processing times by up to 94 percent.


IBM products and services that were used in this case study.

DB2 for Linux, PowerVM

BladeCenter, BladeCenter PS701 Express, BladeCenter running Linux - SUSE, BladeCenter running OS - PowerVM, Storage

IBM-SAP Alliance

Information Integration, Virtualization, Virtualization - Server

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