Amrit Feeds solves complex sales order forecasting with SAP ERP and IBM Global Business Services

Published on 17 Apr 2013

It was a great experience to work with the IBM team; IBM Global Business Services treated our business needs as an individual case, and listened carefully to our requirements.

Arvind Murarka, Head of IT, Amrit Feeds

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Headquartered in Kolkata, India, Amrit Feeds is one of the country’s largest producers of chicken feed, poultry and dairy products, with operations across almost all the states. The company generates a yearly turnover of $400 million and employs 2,100 people.

Business need
Producer of chicken feed, poultry and dairy products Amrit Feeds wanted to tap into new selling opportunities. With separate sales teams spread across India, each using separate order entry methods, the company was unable to collect current and predict future business volumes. Without group-wide sales data, the company was unable to match manufacturing output to customer demand, leading to stockouts and unfulfilled sales orders – opening up the door for competitors.

Amrit Feeds remodeled its sales order, forecasting and manufacturing processes based on integrated SAP ERP software. Improved forecasting would allow the company to plan raw materials and production requirements in advance, reduce the threat of stockouts, and help to identify new markets. Working with IBM Global Business Services, the company has eliminated separate, manual processes and introduced group-wide visibility of the entire business process from individual customer order to nationwide product manufacture.

Amrit Feeds has optimized production planning, and increased manufacturing capacity utilization by 10 percent. The company has raised total product throughput by 0.45 tons per hour, an increase of 2.5 percent. Amrit Feeds has cut stockout on finished goods by 16 percent and increased fulfillment rates by nine percent. Improved product availability has helped Amrit Feeds to tap into new selling opportunities and shut out competitors.


IBM products and services that were used in this case study.

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