Usha International Limited reduces data load time 90 percent

Deploying the IBM Systems solution for SAP HANA

Published on 26 Jul 2012

For more than a decade, SAP & IBM have been part of UIL’s IT modernization journey and have helped sharpen our focus on operational excellence.IBM’s expertise in implementation of SAP HANA on Business Warehouse has provided UIL the visibility into live information with minimal time-lag to make the right decisions at the right time and respond faster to our customer demands.

Subodh Dubey, Group CIO, Usha International Limited

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Usha International Limited (UIL) is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of a wide range of consumer durables. Founded in 1889, the company expanded into a wide variety of sectors over the next 100 years – such as textiles, chemicals, sugar, automobiles, engines, automotive components, edible oils, fertilisers, engineering foundries, sewing machines, fans, and home appliances.

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Usha International Limited (UIL) found that business growth was outpacing the capacity of its IT systems. As the volume of customer data grew, response times from its business warehouse system was impacting the ability to understand its customers, costs and profitability.

UIL implemented SAP HANA software and selected the IBM Systems solution for SAP HANA based on IBM System x® 3690 X5 and x3950 X5 Workload Optimized servers.

UIL experienced an 85 percent reduction in time taken for query execution (approximately seven times faster), with database read time reduced by almost 99 percent. The overall data load time has been reduced by 90 percent. Based on the near-real-time information availability provided by SAP HANA software, UIL is able to analyze, forecast and understand its customer opportunities for the next phase of international growth.


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