Benesse Corporation

To successfully launch a new e-learning service, Benesse Corporation engaged IBM Global Financing to provide a flexible iPad rental program.

SEIDOR sparks double-digit growth with a new cloud-based SAP HANA service running on IBM POWER

Working with SAP and IBM, SEIDOR implemented SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems servers in the cloud.


Italian managed services provider Dedagroup launches a new cloud offering that combines the real-time processing power of SAP HANA with the leading performance and reliability of IBM Power Systems servers, giving clients on-demand access to cutting-edge IT capabilities at low cost.

Estra S.p.A.

Utilities company Estra wanted to drive further growth by offering top-notch customer service. Working with Uno Informatica S.r.l., Estra has accelerated invoicing by 50 percent and improved efficiency of many other key processes – helping to improve the customer experience.

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