Darwin Ecosystems and Not Rocket Science

Partner with IBM Cloud and Blockchain Solutions

Published on 9 Nov 2017

"Bluemix is a one stop shop for an array of cloud tools, database tools, advanced analytic tools and is a place where I can truly say imagination finds a home."

Thierry Hubert, Founder & CEO - Darwin Ecosystem

Darwin Ecosystems and Not Rocket Science

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Darwin Ecosystem is an innovation company that empowers businesses to harness emerging technologies by creating solutions that translate data into awareness. Not Rocket Science is an IBM Business Partner focused on developing cognitive solutions and bringing emerging technologies such as Blockchain to our customers.

Business need
Darwin Ecosystems selected IBM Cloud because it is a one stop shop for cloud tools, database tools, and advanced analytics tools. It puts them all in one environment. One place for people like us who love to build cognitive solutions to go in and take bits and pieces and build these incredible solutions.

IBM Business Partners Darwin Ecosystems and Not Rocket Science selected Bluemix as it helps their stakeholders involved in maritime shipping industry to benefit from an open ledger of transactions; where the port authority, the shipping industry, the brokers, can now participate in transactions as the ship moves from port to port, dealings with contracts and what not. This is revolutionary for that industry because they have been doing this on paper, they still send email, hand written documents and faxes. 

IBM Cloud helped Darwin Ecosystems dig into their data to find what is valuable for clients and it’s augmented their decision-making capabilities.


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