IBM Systems Technical University

Featuring IBM System z, IBM Power Systems,
IBM System x, IBM PureSystems and IBM System Storage

28-30 Oct 2014 | Atibaia, São Paulo, Brazil

Key Topics and Featured Sessions



System z

zEnterprise System Planning and Implementation

  • zEnterprise EC12 and BC12 Updates
  • zEnterprise Workload Placement
  • zEnterprise Hybrid Unified Resource Manager and Platform Performance Management
  • Comparing the IBM zEnterprise zBX Hybrid and IBM Flex System

z/OS and Parallel Sysplex Implementation and Performance Management

  • What’s new in z/OS V2.1
  • Planning for z/OS V2.1
  • Migrating to z/OS V2.1
  • z/OS Management Facility (z/OSMF) V2.1 Implementation
  • z/OS Unix System Services and zFS V2.1 Update
  • System z Software Pricing Updates
  • Parallel Sysplex, Infiniband, STP and GDPS Updates
  • WLM and RMF Updates for z/OS V2.1

z/VM and Virtualization

  • z/VM Platform Update: z/VM 6.3
  • What's New in the z/VM 6.3 Hypervisor
  • z/VM Performance Update and z/VM System Limits
  • Configuring and Using z/VM Single System Image and Live Guest Relocation
  • Simplify zEnterprise Linux Management with CSL-WAVE

Linux on System z

  • Linux on System z current and future technologies
  • The IBM Enterprise Linux Server: Workload you would never have imagined 5 years ago
  • Running Linux on System z as a z/VM Guest: Useful Things to Know
  • Security and Crypto Concepts for Linux on System z

System z Strategies for Security, Cloud, Mobile

  • Cloud Computing Strategies for your Enterprise
  • What’s Happening to the Mainframe? Security, Cloud, Mobile, Social
  • Truly Leveraging the Mainframe in Cloud
  • System z in a Mobile World
  • System z security strategy and RACF updates

Business Analytics and Big Data for System z

  • DB2 Ver 10 and 11 Updates and Implementation
  • Big Data + Realtime Insights = A Smarter Enterprise
  • Analytics on zEnterprise: Why Infrastructure and Data Really Matter
  • The What, How and Why of DB2 Accelerator

CICS V5.2 Planning, Implementation and Usage

  • CICS Technical Overview
  • From Mainframe to Mobile in an Hour with CICS
  • Moving CICS Applications into the Cloud

Application Infrastructure: WebSphere MQ, App Server and IMS

  • WebSphere MQ Product UPdate
  • WebSphere Application Server for z/OS Updates and Liberty Profile
  • IBM IMS 13 Technical Overview

Storage Systems

  • What's New with the DS8870?
  • DFSMS and DFSMShsm: What's New in z/OS 2.1
  • DFSMS Storage Tiering
  • The Evolution of Space Management
  • IBM's Flash Portfolio and Futures

Back to the Basics

  • A basics track could feature lecture and hands-on lab sessions focused on the fundamentals of System z, including zEnterprise processors, z/OS, z/VM, Linux on System z, and middleware.


Power Systems

With featured sessions, such as:

  • Power Trends & Directions
  • POWER deep-dives, throughout the range, updated for 2014 (including POWER8 based servers)
  • How to Migrate/Upgrade to POWER7 and POWER8 servers
  • Why Power Systems is a Better Solution Platform at Lower Cost
  • PowerVC preview and demo: The next step in PowerVM virtualization management
  • Enabling IBM Power Systems for Software Defined Environments with PowerVC
  • Application Development Strategy for Power


With featured sessions, such as:

  • AIX Trends and Directions
  • Virtual I/O Server Sizing
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet network performance optimization for AIX
  • What's new in PowerHA System Mirror V7.1.3 for AIX
  • AIX Partition Analysis and Tuning
  • Five Practical Ways to Leverage IBM Systems Director for AIX
  • Optimizing IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Performance on AIX
  • Planning and Implementing Your Operating System Upgrades from AIX 5 to AIX 6 and AIX 7
  • Performance Analysis and Problem Resolution for AIX Workloads
  • AIX Performance Tuning
  • Implementing AIX Workload Partitions
  • Demonstration of PowerSC Security and Compliance Solutions
  • Designing a PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX High Availability Solution
  • Designing a Disaster Recovery Solution with PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX
  • AIX and Oracle: Oracle ASM Considerations for Storage Administrators
  • AIX and Oracle: Designing an Optimized Oracle Solution on Power Systems
  • AIX and Oracle: Executing a Successful Oracle on Power Systems Proof of Concept
  • AIX Kernel Analysis Tool
  • Introduction to Architecting Secure Virtualization on Power Systems


With featured sessions, such as:

  • IBM i Trends and Directions
  • Understanding IBM i 7.X and the Technology Refreshes
  • IBM i Application Development Strategy
  • Introduction to Rational Development Tools for IBM i
  • Navigating the World of IBM i Software
  • Integrating PowerHA SystemMirror for IBM i with IBM Storage Solutions
  • Collecting Performance Data for IBM i
  • Monitoring, Tuning, and Trending IBM i Performance
  • Best Practices for Managing Program Temporary Fixes on IBM i
  • The New DB2 Web Query: Mobile Dashboards, Simplifed Report Management and More
  • IBM PureFlex Solution for IBM i
  • Selecting and Implementing the Right Storage for IBM i
  • Network Install, Upgrade and Update of IBM i
  • PowerHA SystemMirror for IBM i
  • Implementing an IBM i partition on PowerVM VIOS
  • Mobile Application Development with PHP and IBM i
  • Best Practices for IBM i Security
  • Update on the DB2 for IBM i Database
  • Flexible Storage and Networking with PowerVM VIOS for IBM i
  • Implementing an IBM i partition on PowerVM VIOS
  • "What Can i do?" An IBM i Developer's Introduction to Everything!
  • Promoting the Value and Future of IBM i to Your Business Executives


With featured sessions, such as:

  • PowerLinux Trends and Directions
  • Why Companies Chose to Run Linux on Power over Intel x86 and VMware
  • New Linux on Power Solutions and Enterprise Power Systems Engines
  • Best Practices for Deploying Linux on Power Infrastructure Service
  • Options and Implementation Tips for Linux High Availability and Disaster Recovery
  • Implementing Linux Cluster Services
  • The Open Platform for Choice: Linux on Power Virtualization
  • Getting Started with Big Data Projects (Large or Small) with Linux on Power
  • Creating new Web and Mobile Client Applications with Linux on Power
  • Implementing GPFS Active File Management
  • Best Practices for Linux on Power Virtualization
  • Introduction to Linux and Linux on Power Optimization
  • Top Reasons Why You Should be Running Your Linux Applications on Power Systems
  • High Availability with Linux and Open Source Technologies
  • Where’s My mksysb for Linux?

System x/PureSystems

High Value x6 – 3850/3950 Technical Overview

With featured sessions, such as:

  • Smarter Networking
  • IBM Enterprise X-Architecture
  • Managing a Virtual Infrastructure
  • How to secure your cloud
  • ISecuring data with encryption in System x servers
  • Can IBM Analytics save you money?
  • Understanding the PureSystem family
  • Pre-sales tools and configurations
  • Understanding HPC and Integrated Solutions
  • System x iDataPlex Solutions
  • IBM NeXtScale System
  • IBM System x Performance Update
  • Networking Strategy
  • Virtual Networks
  • Managing PureFlex with Flex System Manager
  • System x Options - trends and directions
  • Performance optimization of the Enterprise SAP landscape
  • Networking with PureFlex - 101
  • Smart Cloud Entry – Planning & implementation
  • Cloud Security
  • Hands-on with IBM Flex System Manager
  • IBM Flex Systems – technology & offerings


Backup, Recovery & Archiving

Will feature such topics as:

  • IBM Information Archive for eMail, Files and eDiscovery
  • Intelligent Storage Service
  • Smarter ILM

Big Data and Analytics

Will feature such topics as:

  • 2014 Big Data
  • 2014 Modern Analytics

Business Continuity

Will feature such topics as:

  • Business continuance and disaster recovery
  • GDSP Overview and Recent Enhancements
  • Data Protection / DR Using DS3000 & DS5000 (ERM)
  • DS8000 Remote Mirror (PPRC) Best Practices
  • Advanced XIV Remote Mirroring and Migration

Databases & Business Applications

With featured sessions, such as:

  • Tivoli Productivity Center (TPC) for Storage
  • Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM)


With featured sessions, such as:

  • Data Center Networking
  • FCoE
  • NAS and SANS
  • TSM and N Series
  • Unified Network Management for Data, Storage, and Converged Networks

Product Updates

With featured sessions, such as:

  • IBM Storwize V7000 Architecture deep dive
  • XIV Technical Updates
  • The New IBM DS8870
  • TS7650 ProtecTIER
  • What’s new in the world of tape
  • Flash Solutions

Security & Compliance

With featured sessions, such as:

  • Data protection/long term retention (for example, ProtecTIER, Information Archive, Tape)
  • IBM Tape Data encryption
  • IBM Full disk encryption

Storage Solutions for Mainframe Environment

With featured sessions, such as:

  • DS8000 Technical Updates
  • TS7700 Technical Updates
  • Encryption for mainframes tape and disk

Systems Management

With featured sessions, such as:

  • Availability management
  • Backup and recovery
  • Best practices for Storage Management
  • Information lifecycle management solutions, including automatic data relocation
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS) and NAS Management
  • Performance and capacity management
  • Storage Area Networks (SAN’s) and SAN Management
  • Storage management for open systems and for System z

Technology Partner/ Sponsor

Will feature IBM Business Partner solutions, with such topics as:

  • Cisco premier sessions
  • Intel premier sessions
  • NetApp premier sessions


With featured sessions, such as:

  • IBM Smart Business Cloud
  • Smarter computing (including cloud computing and storage)
  • Dynamic Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud

Storage Virtualization

With featured sessions, such as:

  • File sharing (for example SONAS)
  • Storage virtualization (for example SVC and Storwize V7000)
  • VMware vSphere and SAN Volume Controller