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The IBM Centers for Solution Innovation :: Hamburg was established in 2000 in Hamburg’s Freeport area. In 2003, the Centre moved into the new “Berliner Tor Center” building in downtown Hamburg. Located in the 12th and 13th floor, it overlooks the City of Hamburg in all directions.

Applying methodologies used by IBM Centres around the world, the Hamburg Centre builds e-business strategic solutions for its clients. Their approach enables them to offer a wide range of services including development of a client's business strategy, recommendations on marketing and branding strategy and techniques, interactive design and application development based on the deep knowledge and experience of IBM Global Services.

The Centre’s cross-functional team of strategists, web designers and IT architects deliver solutions for all sectors. Clients come mainly from German-speaking areas but international companies who localize on the German market are also on the Client list.

The Centre focuses on Business Integration Portal Solutions, Web Site Relaunch and Consolidation as well as e-Commerce Total Care.

Contact information

Beim Strohhause 17
20097 Hamburg

Miriam Gottschalk

Boris Pasternak

Antje Kruse-Schomaker

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