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BostonCoach is a premier provider of executive sedan, limousine and event transportation services. Thousands of business executives, leisure travelers, and corporate travel managers worldwide depend on them. When the company went looking to increase revenues by maximizing the efficiency of its cars, drivers and dispatch centers, they approached IBM. Working with IBM's T.J. Watson Research Lab, IBM Business Consulting Services partnered with BostonCoach to develop an automated Fleet Operations System. The system takes various data, including BostonCoach business rules, reservation and driver information, travel times and even FAA information feeds, and generates the most efficient staffing plan for matching drivers to each ride. Now, BostonCoach consistently and constantly maintains near-optimal fleet assignments, and is able to provide customers the highest on-time performance in the industry. With on demand business, it's a smooth ride.

How they became an on demand business

IBM's Boston Center for e-business Innovation and the T.J. Watson Research Lab developed the rules and algorithms for an automated Fleet Optimization System (FOS) based on data supplied by BostonCoach. IBM implemented the system and provided integration with the rest of BostonCoach's systems. FOS provides real-time utilization data on drivers and coaches, and capitalizes on GPS technology for location tracking of coaches, based on mapping software from ESRI and custom applications developed by IBM.

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