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Learning to use e-config

User Guide

There are two ways to access the User Guide, on this page and within e-config.

  1. If you have not installed e-config, click on User Guide. The User Guide is available in two formats HTML and PDF. Click on the hotspot of the version(s) you prefer, open or download to your workstation.
  2. If you already have e-config installed on your workstation, you will find an HTML version of the User Guide inside the e-config folder on your desktop. This will give you the fastest access.

Quick Reference Cards

The quick reference cards provide help for initial order and upgrade configurations. To view or print the available cards from this site, click Quick Reference Cards, choose the type of the quick reference you need by clicking on hotspot title to view or download the .pdf version.

To view the documents using Adobe Get Adobe® Reader®

Updated on 25 Jul 2014