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You can continue to use the normal help desk procedure in your location. There are also specific procedures for getting help with e-config.

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Problem Severity guidelines

The following are the Severity guidelines utilized to categorize problems:

Severity 1

A problem will be considered Severity 1 when it affects multiple users, is a pervasive problem which puts IBM revenue at risk or causes legal exposure to IBM, or causes a total loss of service for multiple users. For cases where the problem is being reported by a single end user, the problem will be treated as a Severity 1 problem in cases where a critical business situation exists or there is a total loss of service for that end user (e.g. Critical business deadline, breach of security, legal requirement, customer relationship). Once the resolution or workaround has been provided to the single end user, the Severity 1 problem will be downgraded to a Severity 2 problem and the appropriate Severity 2 guidelines will be followed.

For all Severity 1 issues, the end user will provide a contact with phone number or beeper number who will be available for at least one hour after reporting the problem, in case support requires additional information to continue working the problem. If support needs to contact the end user for the above reason and the end user cannot be reached, the problem will be lowered in Severity until the end user responds back to support This lowering of Severity enables the support teams to be able to maintain agreed to Severity 1 SLO resolution objectives. If a response is received the problem will be returned to its original Severity 1 rating.
* Problems meeting this criteria are to be called into the Help Desk by the end user and should not be sent in as email or feedback.

Severity 2

A problem will be considered a Severity 2 issue when the application is useable but severely restricted .  This is normally the highest Severity given to a problem affecting a single individual.
* Problems meeting this criteria should be e-mailed intothe Help Desk by the end user and should not be called in.

Severity 3

A fixable problem, degradation of a non critical system, application or access function. Indicates the application is useable, but with limited functions which are not critical to the overall operation.
* Problems meeting this criteria should be e-mailed into the Help Desk by the end user and should not be called in.

Severity 4

Low-level problems that do not impact the user's ability to work. Indicates a minor problem with limited impact, or that an acceptable circumvention to a problem has been found.
* Problems meeting this criteria should be e-mailed into the Help Desk by the end user and should not be called in.

How to submit a defect or report a problem

Defects are any problem associated with the e-padm installation, e-config tool functionality, missing products or prices.

If it is a Severity 1 defect, (see description of severity) please CALL the help desk immediately using the phone numbers provided in the left navigation by geography. You will still need to provide the information below. When on the phone, the help desk will ask you to submit logs and other information for problem determination.

If the defect is a Severity 2, 3, or 4; use the email process below.

IBM Business Partners, IBM Customers, and IBM Employees:

Please copy the template below, paste it into an email and complete all of the information.

Template for Reporting a Defect or Problem

Please answer these questions, as appropriate to your problem, will assist the help desk:

When all four sections of the template are completed, send the email to the appropriate Geography generic email ID.

Updated on 08 May 2015