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From this site you can download the Microsoft Java Virtual Machine that is necessary to run e-config.

Click here to see how you can protect your computer by limiting use of the Microsoft JVM

You must be at the latest level of Microsoft JVM to run e-config.  To install to the latest level, follow the steps outlined below:

1) Download and install the file msjavx86.exe.  This will install the JVM to the 3805 level. 


2) Update the install by downloading and installing the file msjavx86_3810.exe.  This will update the JVM install to the 3810 level, which is the latest available.


IMPORTANT:  While IBM is contractually allowed to provide the MSJVM, Microsoft is no longer supporting it.  The user must understand that the code being installed is not supported nor being updated by Microsoft. 

Limit Access to Microsoft JVM on your Computer

Core components in the installation and execution modules in e-config require that the latest version of MSJVM to be installed on the user's machine prior to installing e-config from the e-padm download utility. e-config will continue to require the MSJVM as a prerequisite to install and execution, as there are no plans to migrate the application to a new JVM.  For applications that require the MSJVM, Microsoft has stated the following in their MSJVM transition Guide available at  http://www.microsoft.com/java

"Internet Explorer (IE) contains security settings that can be used to disable or restrict the applicability of the MSJVM, and thereby lock down security. Locking down security allows the MSJVM to stay on     some machines. This is a viable option for internal applications that are dependant on the MSJVM, but are not intended for public use.

To lockdown security in Internet Explorer:

Updated on 10 Apr 2013

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