IBM Configurator for e-business (e-config)

Getting Started

This web site contains information to help you use the IBM Configurator for e-business. As you get started:

  • Review the features of the IBM Configurator for e-business that are available to you.
  • Review the list of models supported by the tools.
  • Use the menu on the left to find more details about e-config, including installation instructions, workstation requirements, help desk contact information, and available education.

What's New

A major upgrade to e-config which updates underlying core technology including portfolio database and also extends support for use on Windows® 8.1 Pro 64-bit is available for download to all e-config users as of April 07, 2014. More information about this upgrade along with instructions can be found in the FAQ section.

Information on IBM portals that can be used to download e-config can be found here.


Use the IBM Configurator for e-business to:

  • Configure and upgrade IBM eServer systems and subsystems.
  • Configure multiple product lines with just one tool.
  • Visit only the screens you need, rather than all product categories and configuration options. 
  • View all your selections from a high level without moving backward.
  • View list prices as the configuration is being constructed.
  • Use system diagrams to review expansion options, explore configuration alternatives, and know immediately that it will all work together for an optimal solution.

Models supported

Releases of IBM's new configurator began in August 1999 and continue with enhanced support for new product configuration capabilities. To learn how to install e-config, refer to the install information on this web site.

IBM users and Business Partners worldwide, as well as some customers in the Americas, can configure these solutions using the IBM Configurator for e-business:

  • IBM eServer iSeries and AS/400
  • IBM eServer POWER Systems (rack/tower and blades), and GTS/ISS
  • IBM eServer pSeries and RS/6000
  • IBM eServer System z and S/390 Servers
  • Retail Store Solutions
  • Storage Products

Updated on 25 Jul 2014