San Jose building

IBM Resiliency Services
4400 North First Street
San Jose, CA 95134

Letter from the site manager

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the San Jose IBM Resiliency Services Site and I want to ensure we make your experience in our facility a good one. Your success in exercising your recovery plan or recovering your business from an outage emergency at this location is our sole function and one in which my team and I take great pride. We welcome your suggestions on any matter while you're our guest.

You'll find a wide range of IBM and multivendor computer systems, equipment, and network connectivity options to support the exercising of your recovery plan and recovery from an unplanned outage. We are very proud of our Service Delivery support team comprised of IT professionals whose system and networking skills can be integrated into your recovery process.

For our customers, we provide fully equipped offices, conference rooms, vending areas, lounge areas, and other amenities. Our sites also feature loading dock access, ample parking, and state-of-the-art security systems.

I sincerely hope we only host you in "exercise" mode. Enjoy your stay - and thank you for visiting the San Jose Site.


Leanna Maes
Service Delivery Manager
IBM Resiliency Services

About the recovery site

The following guides provide information about the recovery site. Please download the guides if you plan on visiting the site.


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