Columbus siteRecovery Site Logistics
8235 Estates Parkway
Plain City, OH 43064

About the recovery site

Welcome to the Columbus site
The facility is located just outside the I–270 beltway and is designed to provide your business with a convenient location, up–to–date technology, essential employee services, and a resilient business environment for your company to recover and test against any unplanned business interruption. The 12,000 square foot building is pre–configured to support up to 200 users inside, 300 mobile unit users, technology–data center room, network access, hitching posts for mobile units, and parking space for client testing or recovery. Just a few of the benefits the facility provides:

The following guides provide information about the recovery site. Please download the guides if you plan on visiting the site.

Guide to visiting the area

The following guides provide information that may be useful to you when visiting the area.


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