Boulder site from the air

IBM Resiliency Services
Building 026
6300 Diagonal Highway
Boulder, CO 80301

Letter from the site manager

Welcome to the Boulder IBM Resiliency Services site. We are extremely proud of our state-of-the-art facility designed with input from our customers. Boulder is fully-hardened and resilient, incorporating the best of our other facilities with additional features to enhance your ability to exercise your recovery plan and recover your organization from an outage emergency.

The IBM campus in Boulder, Colorado is a 500 acre complex with 2.5 million square feet of space in more than 26 buildings and incorporating 350,000 square feet of raised floor data center space. It is also located in a beautiful setting with access to many urban and natural points of interest. The Boulder Colorado site was specifically selected as an ideal location for its stable climate and low risk of natural disasters. We invested $34 million into the facility for our opening in January 1997, expanded and upgraded our facility in 2005 and expanded our data center footprint in 2011.

Our site boasts 11 fully equipped customer suites with flat panel displays incorporating blade server technology. Each suite also contains a large, flat screen TV with satellite service, stereo, refrigerator, printer and fax machine, and we provide 24x7 concierge service on site to see to your comfort. We also have separate managers’ offices for privacy, a customer conference room, a large vending and kitchen area and four breakout and relaxation lounges. Our 150 seat End User Recovery Center is newly remodeled and can be used for workplace and call center testing and recovery.

Beyond facility, IBM Resiliency Services Boulder has in place the staff, skills and technology to support your goals. The systems, equipment and networking capabilities supported by our site span a wide range of IBM and multi-vendor platforms. These capabilities and our teams are available to assist you in successfully exercising your business continuity plan or in recovering from an unexpected outage. Our personnel are among the industry’s finest and we encourage you to leverage the deep skills of IBM Boulder to enhance and elevate your IBM Resiliency Services program.

I invite you to visit us, tour the facility, meet our people and see our dedication first hand. As you know, we consider ourselves a part of your business continuity team, and are committed to your continued success.

Leo M. Ladaga
Leo M. Ladaga
Boulder IBM Resiliency Services Site Manager
Boulder, CO

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