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IBM business partnersIntroducing an exciting new way to sell IBM Services — electronically. Now you can buy and sell IBM ServicePac offerings without receiving a single thing — except an e-mail.

Electronic ServicePac offerings have been developed as an enhancement to the existing ServicePac offerings in response to customer requests for a multiple ServicePac activation capability that is faster, easier and more efficient.

IBM Electronic ServicePac:

Here's how it works:



All ServicePac activations shrink-wrapped or the new electronic ServicePacs, may be completed using the web.

Enabling Electronic ServicePac Orders

  1. Before placing your FIRST order for an electronic IBM ServicePac, all Distributors/Direct Resellers must send the following information to IBM, via e-mail, to

    Distributor/Direct Reseller information:
    1. company name
    2. mailing address
    3. IBM customer number
    4. Distributor's/Direct Reseller's key contact information:
  2. After you have completed the above step, enter your order for the electronic ServicePac into VPOF by using the electronic ServicePac part numbers.
  3. The key contact will receive an acknowledgement note via e-mail for each electronic ServicePac order placed. (The acknowledgement note provides the ServicePac authorization number and activation instructions, which enables the end user to activate their service.)
  4. Forward the acknowledgement note to the Business Partner or end-user customer as appropriate.

    ELECTRONIC SERVICEPAC ORDERS MUST BE PLACED PER INDIVIDUAL CUSTOMER (END USER). Single orders for multiple customers (end users) will not be accepted, as authorization numbers are assigned per customer (end user) order. The activation system is limited to one customer location per authorization number (i.e., one customer per order number).

    Business Partners should place the order via VIP or the IBM Representative into the VPOF ordering system. The VPOF system will generate an order number, which in turn becomes the customer's authorization number.

    IBM will send to the Tier 1 Business Partner via e-mail next business day, a form letter of acknowledgement that includes the authorization number and instructions to the customer or an authorized representative for the the electronic Internet activation process. The Tier 1 Business Partner will provide this information to the Tier 2 Business Partner. The Tier 2 Business Partner will forward the form letter, which contains the authorization number and activation instructions, to the customer or an authorized representative. Activation may be completed by visiting the ServicePac activation web site at and providing the following information:


For Warranty and Maintenance Options and Post-Warranty Maintenance Agreement ServicePacs purchased on or after Feb 14, 2005, please go to the IBM Global eServicePac web site to perform the registration. Be sure to obtain the Authorization and PIN # from your point of purchase.