Does ubiquitous connectivity mean less security?

Take a closer look at today’s security risks—from new threats arising on the Internet of Things, to the sources of malware and botnet infections

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IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Quarterly - 4Q14

IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Quarterly - 4Q14

Category: Security Intelligence

Innovating how we connect. Learn how the Internet of Things and IP reputation tracking are transforming security threats in our lives

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IBM X-Force Researcher Finds Significant Vulnerability in Microsoft Windows

Category: Vulnerabilities

The IBM X-Force Research team has identified a "unicorn-like" significant vulnerability (CVE-2014-6332) in every version of Microsoft Internet Explorer since 3.0.

Apache Cordova Vulnerability Discovered

Bash Shellshock Exploits Could’ve Been Avoided 7 Years Ago. What To Do Today!

Category: Vulnerabilities

Behavior based intrusion prevention from X-Force was seven years ahead of the threat when Shellshock was disclosed.

Improve Application Security Immediately With These 5 Software Development Practices

IBM X-Force Research and Development (00:03:01)

Category: Security Intelligence

IBM X-Force Research and Development is one of the most renowned commercial security research and development teams in the world. These security professionals monitor and analyze security issues from a variety of sources, including its database of more than 83,000 computer security vulnerabilities, its global web crawler and its international spam collectors.

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