Emerging Trends in Security

This section of the 2012 IBM X-Force Annual Trend and Risk Report looks at fast-developing technology that challenges enterprises considering whether it is time to make investments in these future areas.

Mobile Device Security

Prediction: Mobile computing devices should be more secure than traditional user computing devices by 2014. IBM recently made this bold prediction as part of its look ahead in technology trends. While it may seem far-fetched on the surface, it is based on security control trends and requirements that are being driven into the market by knowledgeable security executives.

From the very start, security is being designed into mobile device applications. New techniques such as application sandboxing, digital signing, dual personas, and the ability to remotely wipe the whole device, are being pioneered on mobile platforms. Mobile devices can also commonly provide biocontextual information and authentication elements that can be leveraged to replace passwords used in desktop computing. Consider elements like physical location, network identification, voice recognition, eye, or facial recognition.

Much more on this topic can be found in the 2012 IBM X-Force Annual Trend and Risk Report.

As computing approaches evolve, new threats emerge. Bre prepared. Download the IBM X-Force 2012 Mid-Year Trend and Risk Report.

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