Cyber-attacks are constant, are you prepared?

Announcing integrated vulnerability management from IBM

New vulnerability management solution helps to dramatically reduce security exposures

IBM Security QRadar Vulnerability Manager can find security problems before damage occurs

Every organization worries about the security of their IT systems. You rely on your data and applications to stay up and running. You can’t afford downtime or data breaches. Recent announcements from IBM can help you find device and application security vulnerabilities and prevent problems from happening.

IBM® Security QRadar® Vulnerability Manager proactively discovers vulnerabilities and adds context. The system screens a large number of potential exposures and automatically provides a manageable, prioritized list your team can take action on.

QRadar Vulnerability Manager is fully integrated with the IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform to help you develop an optimized plan for addressing security exposures. It is also easy to deploy and uses the QRadar interface and database so your security teams quickly gain the visibility they need while improving efficiency and reducing costs.


Additional security intelligence announcements support key capabilities for your business

The IBM Security Network Protection XGS 5100 appliance provides new flow data to QRadar for insight into threats previously hidden in encrypted traffic. The appliance integrates with your QRadar solution to provide a more powerful solution without added complexity

IBM Security zSecure v2.1 integrates with IBM Security QRadar and Guardium to deliver integrated security intelligence for mainframe environments.

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