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IBM trusted identity initiative


Identity has become a new focal point in today’s global economy, in which trust in your identity and credentials – and those of others – is essential in a variety of daily transactions. You use your identity to connect with people, groups and organizations, both digitally and face-to-face. Each connection is founded on trust and shaped by the ongoing confidence placed in the systems which create and manage your identities.

IBM’s vision is to bring a new level of trust and confidence to identification systems – how a person is enrolled in a system, issued their identity credentials, how those credentials are used and finally disposition of the credentials. Each part of the identity management lifecycle represents a chance to be more efficient and secure resulting in a trustworthy environment. This holistic view from IBM improves trust in identity systems allowing the client to focus on their business.

IBM provides a robust business and technology framework for the implementation of a trusted identity environment. Based on an architecture that offers significant lower risk, efficiency and effectiveness benefits are realized by businesses and governments regardless of size, discipline or industry. It pulls together software, services and hardware components from IBM and partners, to addresses the entire identity lifecycle of establishment, management and usage. Helping:

The visibility, control and automation of a trusted identity environment is critical and made possible through IBM Service Management:

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